Monday, July 21, 2008

The SpiderWeb Marketing System Maximizes the Reverse Funnel System

Spider Web Marketing Maximizes the Reverse Funnel System

I've heard a lot about the Reverse Funnel System lately. It looks like a good program. Here's what I think about it.

You may have been attracted to Ty Coughlin's guaranteed money-making machine, the Reverse Funnel System. Seeing the picture of him lounging around in his swim trunks at his Hawaiian beach house may have sold you on the dream. Or maybe it was the testimonial of Kursten with his bright yellow Lambourghini, or Doug with his private plane. Either way, the idea of guaranteed six figures sounds appealing to anyone, beach house, Lambi, or jet aside. Money talks.

So you're in. You've paid the start-up fees and gotten good advice. You've got the ambition. You've got the direction. You've got the fail proof system.
You've also got a problem. Where is your money coming from? Multiple streams of income sound great, but these aren't the kind of streams that spring up spontaneously from the earth. These kind of streams spring from someone else's wallet. And that's all cool, business is business, but its got to come from somewhere.
This is where many home business entrepreneurs run into a tough spot. All the family has been bugged. All the friends badgered. The lead lists have been bought and scavenged. The cottage meetings have been held with marginal results at best. The fliers have been hung up, rained on, ripped off, and are now being gently blown down the street, only to soon end up in someone's trash pile.
You're in a common spot. You've got a great product and all the enthusiasm in the world to make you wildly rich. You just need someone to start writing your checks. That is where The Spider Web Marketing System comes in as a perfect complement to maximize your venture in the Reverse Funnel System or any other Internet business. In economic terms, these are complementary services, not substitutes.
The Spider Web Marketing System is not designed to compete with your business. Its designed to enhance it. They're not trying to convince you to sell their cancer-curing tropical fruit juice or travel package. The product behind the Spider Web Marketing System is... the Spider Web Marketing System!
The product is a streamlined Internet marketing program created to bring in interested, quality leads and revenue with no additional effort on your part. Its based on what is called a funded proposal system, which uses the original funds to continue to perpetuate the leads and income that it generates. Developed by a team with years of Internet Marketing experience, the Spider Web Marketing System perfects the Google Adword program to maximize its efficiency in directing leads to you. With only a small investment, (anything less than $50) the funded proposal system continually generates interested leads and builds your network, building upon itself and continually growing larger.
The interested leads are not just people who have accidentally stumbled across your website, either. These are people that actually sought out a chance to specifically become involved in your entrepreneurial business venture. They need you, and you need them. The Spider Web Marketing System is just the vehicle to bring everyone together.
No matter what your business venture is, you need leads. You may have the best product in the best system ever invented in the free market economy, but you still need someone to buy it. The Spider Web Marketing System will bring leads to you. It's the perfect way to maximize your success in the Reverse Funnel System or any other business venture.


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